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MYRE Vol 2 - Cover

Heavy, ominous, gargantuan. What's coming towards Myre is not to trifle with. The official cover for MYRE Vol 2!
Only 7 days till I launch the campaign on Indiegogo!

Myre 2 is going to be very extensive and big, not judging by the humongous beasts.
I can't wait to get fully started on the full illustrations! Ever since I made the cover for Vol 1, I knew what the cover for the second Volume would look like. And finally, I have it, way before the actual comic is completed. So far, I have always drawn inspiration for the cover at the end of the last two books, Vol 1 and HoD, and struggled to complete them as they were always the final effort to push the entire project to a completion. Now, with the cover of the next Volume complete, it feels so much more tangible. It's real!

I'm so happy I can share this with you today. I wa sreally nervous about this for some reason. :'D
I hope you enjoy!